About Us

Are you looking for trip that can fulfill your desires completely and under your planned budget? You might be finding lots of joy and fun under one roof but you stop thinking because of your budget problem. Now all of those dreams can come true with Holiday Deals India. You don’t have to stay inside your house and keep thinking about fun, luxury, transportation, relaxation and most importantly money, because Holiday Deals India provides you a complete package that is all you need at a very affordable cost. Our prime motto is to satisfy our customer and to build long term relationship with them.
Holiday Deals India has been providing such services to travelers for many years and has won their smiles and hearts. Holiday Deals India has vast array of holiday services and we are taking that to an entirely new level. Holiday Deals India will do anything to bring your dream holidays alive. Holiday Deals India understands how much one longs for a holiday, but has held back because of the high prices. So keeping that in mind, Holiday Deals India has designed packages that fit to the budget of our customers without compromising on quality.

Holiday Deals India is unbeatable in customer service and cost. It’s a type of excitement that you can’t hide. If you want a cheaper vacation, you bid for fares online against others seeking the same great savings you are getting. With us you have last minute holiday travel, hotel rooms, weekend get-away, wedding packages and even honeymoon tours. On Holiday Deals India you travel with your companion, your family and friends, at your own pace.  We customize the holiday especially for you and not only that; we offer you the means to plan your holiday, your own way.

Holiday Deals India offers a wide range of customized holidays thereby giving individual travelers the complete freedom and flexibility to define their preference for the destination, length of stay, and pace of travel. Now it’s up to how much you want to spend.  Holiday Deals India is a place for you on the internet to go. On there you will find 5 star accommodations for budget price. Holiday Deals India has exciting adventure tours, quick picnics and short close by excursions for you and your family to enjoy. You will also find corporate packages, medicinal package tours, global packages, and trips to holy places. You can also rent an apartment or bungalow without about cost as budget problem is solved by us. Holiday Deals India even offers holiday insurance, in case if anything goes wrong during your traveling.
If your family members are asking you for a trip to some famous places like Rajasthan, Goa, Mumbai, Himalayas and etc. to see forts, lakes, forests, beaches, and other famous monuments then you have nothing to worry about. You have to just log on to Holiday Deals India, and have to make the bid for the price you want to pay. Holiday Deals India also provides you to choose your mode of traveling by bus, car, train, plane or private jet not only that we give you an option to choose where you will stay and what you will pay.

Holiday Deals India also provides International travel and runaway to Fiji, New Zealand, Africa, Germany, France or the United States of America. Thus you can save your money and can spend them on your family instead of giving it to any travel agent. The website itself is beautifully designed called www.holidaydi.com which has easy booking process and suggestions for packages whichever may come under your budget. Our site is very helpful and it contains all the information you need to know and that will fulfill your all questions. So, what are you waiting for? You are just one click away and whole world is yours.
The above you read was regarding holidays; i.e. fun, joy, relaxation and excitement.  Holiday Deals India has not stopped here; we have vast and multiple business firms. One of them is Indian Model Agency, shortly called IMA. IMA is our sister company which deals with modeling, media, Bollywood and Hollywood. IMA gives chance to up coming talented new faces in the world of modeling and acting. Here we give chance and platform to be ambassador, ramp show, print modeling, commercials, fashion modeling and also roles in Bollywood and Hollywood. We have another two sister companies namely Aagni and Bharat Solar Energy. Aagni deals with the event management and entertainment either it may be for any corporate meeting event or advertising event. For more information you can log on to http://www.aagni.com. Whereas Bharat Solar Energy deals with the Solar Power India, Solar Energy Items, Solar Energy Kit, Alternative Energy Kit, Renewable Energy Kit. We develop, manufacture, and deliver the worlds most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Go to http://www.bharatsolarenergy.com more information regarding solar energy solutions.